Experienced Book Binders

Since 1963, D & B Book Binders has served the book binding needs of residents throughout Hialeah, Florida. A family-owned and operated team of book binders with more than 60 years of experience, we specialize in binding hardcover tomes. Let us guide you through every step of the book binding process - together, we'll explore all of your options.

Family History
D & B Book Binders was founded by the Dobbs brothers in 1963. In 1985, Luis Lloret, a supervisor for the brothers, purchased the business and invited three of his sons to work with him. Jorge, Anthony and Edward worked with their father to create a friendly environment where guests were welcome to come and discuss their book binding needs.

Our mission is to continue the craft of hand-made book binding, as we have for the last 40+ years. At D&B few things bring us more joy than the smell of a newly printed manuscript or the feel of a tightly bound hard-cover book. Whether you need to bind your printed works or restore a damaged piece of literature, D & B Book Binders is here to help and serve.

At D & B Book Binders we strive to capture the beauty of the printed page. Using original techniques and machines, we tediously work to bring your thoughts and ideas to life! 

Contact our book binders today to discover how we can bind, restore, or repair your favorite tomes.